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WATCH: Will Trump release footage from FBI raid on his home?

It’s time for the FBI to answer for their outrageous and politically motivated raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

This raid was an outrageously excessive use of government power, and it’s clear that the FBI was looking for something specific. Trump and his legal team continue to insist that he was complying with the FBI and that the raid was political theater.

Adding to the alarm is that Fox News’ Sean Hannity has uncovered that there are tapes of the raid, and he’s pressing Trump to hand them over. During an interview aired Monday, Trump said that he had the tapes, but that the FBI was scared to have them released. The former President said, “I have tapes of the raid and the raid is terrible and the way they treated people, was terrible and the way they treat people now is unbelievable. Ask innocent people.”

It’s clear that the raid was politically motivated, and it speaks to the corruption within the FBI and the Democratic party. They are willing to use any means necessary to target their political opponents, even if it means violating their civil liberties.

The American people deserve the truth. It’s time for the tapes of the Mar-a-Lago raid to be released, so that the public can see for themselves the lengths that the FBI will go to in order to target their political opponents.

The FBI must be held accountable for their actions. We need to know the truth, and that means the tapes need to be released. It’s time for justice to be served, and it’s time for the FBI to answer for their politically weaponized tactics.

The former President himself said it best when he told Hannity, “Everybody would take that tape.” It’s time to make sure the American people get to hear what happened that day, and to make sure that the FBI is held responsible for their actions.

Source: the Patriot Chronicles

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ROBERT DAVIDSON 04:53 31.03.2023
I want every American to be able to watch these tapes. It was a disgrace, total abuse of power. More likely Hilary and obuma are behind this injustice
Selina 02:25 31.03.2023
It's because of Chuck Schumer and his twisted lawmaking. Why do we have to put up with these traitors in our midst? I don't understand! Lock them up, so they can't harm anymore innocent Americans!
Syble Presswood 21:35 30.03.2023
I'm glad the people guarding Mar a Lago refused to turn off the surveillance tapes when told to do so by the bought and paid for f b I!!
Kay Hampton 20:47 30.03.2023
The tapes need to be played in full not shopped in prices to show. The people want the truth told it is time to put it out there
19:05 30.03.2023
I would like to see the tapes go public.