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WATCH: Police informer leads to Tel Aviv drug busts

An undercover police agent led officers to arrest 34 drug trafficking suspects in a series of raids.

The Central Unit of the Tel Aviv District Police over the last few months activated an undercover agent who brought about the incrimination of 34 suspects in dozens of drug trafficking transactions he carried out with criminals throughout the country.

The agent, a former criminal, was infiltrated into criminal gangs and managed to acquire the trust of their leaders and gather alleged evidence and findings against suspects from all over the country, including three members of a well-known crime family.

Early Wednesday morning the investigation moved to the open phase of the investigation, after the indictment of the drug dealers. In a large-scale and well-timed operation by the police detectives, detectives from the Ayalon, Yarkon, and Dan areas, together with other units, raided the houses of the suspects.

During the searches, several vehicles destined for confiscation were seized. The 34 suspects who were arrested were transferred to the Tel Aviv District Court for questioning.

Source - INN/X

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