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The IDF estimates: The calm in Gaza may last for years

The Chief of Staff in closed talks: "The chance that the Islamic Jihad will act alone in the future is low"

The IDF estimates that the calm in Gaza could last for a long time.

The assessment is based on a combination of several factors. First, Operation Guardian of the Wall, which created a deterrent against Hamas. Hamas in the form of the civilian concessions that Israel grants to the Strip - so the terrorist organization has something to lose.

Another reason for the expected silence is the deterrence of the latest operation against the Islamic Jihad. The IDF estimates that the Jihad will no longer enter into conflicts against Israel, without prior backing from Hamas .

Source: Kan News

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Patsy Webb 04:22 13.08.2022
Thank you God only our holy land the land of Israel could bring about this peace and harmony
Tony Pettitt 03:21 13.08.2022
I’m more pessimistic about Hamas because all they think about is getting their so-called Palestinian land back and driving Israel to the sea. I just can’t see them giving that up!!!!!!
John Naulu 02:53 13.08.2022
For the rest of its dying days, that will be fantastic. Violence identifies with this people, but many loves peace with the Zionist 🇮🇱✡️🕎
Robert McMaster 02:50 13.08.2022
May all prayers for the peace of Jerusalem be answered as we speak them.Psalm 122.6
Tom Myers 02:32 13.08.2022
The k God!
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