Islamic Hatred Towards Jews
What’s in a Name: Judea and Samaria

Remember: Jews are called Jews because they come from JUDEA.

In 1950, the government of Jordan, having seized that part of “Palestine” that had been known in the Western world for 3,000 years as “Judea” and “Samaria,” wanted to efface, as best it could, the Jewish connection to that land. It decided that those areas would from now on be known as “the West Bank.” In doing this, Jordan was emulating the Romans who, when they conquered the Jewish “Kingdom of Judea,” decided to rename it “Syria Palestina” — “Palestinian Syria” – which then became shortened to “Palestine.” The Romans also renamed Jerusalem “Aelia Capitolina,” but that toponym, fortunately, never caught on, and for the non-Muslim world, Jerusalem remained Jerusalem.

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Robert Downs 06:28 30.08.2021
Any 'jew' or 'christian' that uses the term "palestine" are doing themselves, and the world an injustice. That's nothing more than the carrying on of the rewriting of history by anti-semitic forces
22:31 29.08.2021
Gods Word has the final say and God said the land belongs to the Jews.
Anna Payton 22:18 29.08.2021
Thats great, JESUS will come back and make a new Jerusalem.
Nancy Maureen 22:11 29.08.2021
Rebecca Stump 20:11 29.08.2021
But still the land God gave them. Doesn't matter what man calls it, it still belongs to the Jewish people.
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