Jerusalem Temple Mount
A Hidden Mountain, a Hidden River, and the Return of the King

I thrill, more than anything else, at the privilege of being able to show Christians around Israel. 

Most particularly, it has to do with a non-descript knoll on the eastern edge of this city – a hill which, although we cannot actually see it, is the single most important piece of geography in the country; in fact, on all planet Earth.

This hill is unique in its designation, in its history and in its ultimate, glorious future. Called the Mountain of the Lord, Mount Moriah and, in today’s political language, the Temple Mount, it really is anything but a mountain. Yet here, on this place, Heaven and Earth have met before and, one day, before too long, they will meet again.

Source: Israel Today

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David Dangcil 08:28 24.07.2022
Keep you dead man on a stick out of Israel! We do not need your idol!
Jesus Manuel 21:30 22.07.2022
JESUS JEW is always with us in faith; He returns AFTER y3k without faith: for no man knows the day and hour now, nor after year 6760. Shabbat Shalom Church Israel. Amen אמנ. USAGOP: 100% USMilitary.
Art Reyes 11:16 22.07.2022
We need JESUS to come now
Judy Smith 01:16 22.07.2022
Jesus is coming soon!!!!
Sherry Johnson-Walker 00:59 22.07.2022
Please, dear God, please send Jesus soon.
Jeane Frady 00:43 22.07.2022
Come Lord Jesus!!! Come!!!
Wellington E. 00:33 22.07.2022
Even so come Lord Jesus.
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