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Saudi Arabia News site: Israeli submarine and boats surveilling Houthis 

An Israeli submarine and naval vessels operate in the Bab al-Mandab Strait and the Arabian Sea to pursue the Houthis, and carry out espionage, surveillance and tracking.

Israel may be in the process of carrying out various operations against Iran and its allies in Yemen and the adjacent beaches, according to what a well-informed regional official told Elaph, referring to the major land, freedom and air maneuvers carried out by Israel recently, which aim to increase preparations and readiness to strike Iran and its nuclear facilities, in light of the faltering US efforts to reach an agreement with Iran.

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Rhoda Wright 02:25 09.06.2022
This is something Ukraine did not do! Prepare for the possibility of war .
tony perez 01:35 09.06.2022
To not prepare is the height of Folly. And to prepare is to know your enemy and leave nothing to chance. Israel knows this well. Israel’s friends are watching god speed
Dean Davis 00:38 09.06.2022
Good 💯 😊