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Happy Father's Day From Israel!
In Honor of Father's Day, a father takes pride in his son who made Aliyah to Israel, competed on The X Factor, served in the IDF and is now developing his music career.
Proud dad, Chaim, sent this our way (just in time for Father's Day!). It's always so incredible to see what these young Olim (Jewish people who immigrated to Israel) are capable of.
Edan Tamler made Aliyah with his family in 2012 to the mixed religious/secular Yishuv of Esh’har in the Lower Galilee. Very soon after making Aliyah Edan was a contestant on The X Factor Israel in its first season, reaching the finals.
Edan then finished high school and enlisted and served in the IDF military band as the soloist. He worked with Shai Abramson, the IDF's chief cantor, and drew inspiration from him. Edan studied cantorship with Abramson for two years and is currently the chief cantor of Copenhagen while studying psychology at the IDC Herzliya.
"The song is about finding a private place", says Edan, "where you can turn off the noises of the world around you and focus on the things and people that are important to you. When we give ourselves the place to be who we are, we can receive the support and love that surrounds us constantly and we can turn anywhere into our own private place.”
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