Palestinian Lies
IMPORTANT VIDEO - The Middle East Analysis Daily Show - Linda Sarsours Lies are revealed in Gaza Conflict

Linda Sarsour is a study in what is called: The Lipstick Jihad. This is the same old Arabs who cannot allow a Jewish presence in Israel and will do anything to eradicate it - with an American accent. Instead of bombs, they are using lies and supporting American radicals in their efforts to weaken America from the inside.

Watch this important video where Bat-Sheva Shalev - an Israeli mother picks apart Linda Sarsours' "video of lies" which she made so that naive American's would end up supporting a terrorist organization doing all it can to annihilate the Jewish people.

# Anti-Israel Propaganda # Palestinian Lies
01:07 24.12.2021
Good (Israel) Vs Evil (Hamas ) Evil will never succeed in any way you put. Good will always triumph forever ever and Yeshua Hamashia is always victorious in battle.
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