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Netanyahu: ‘Hezbollah must understand—we will restore security’

The Israeli prime minister delivered the message to the Iranian terror proxy during a visit to troops stationed on Mount Hermon.

(February 22, 2024 / JNS) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a message to Hezbollah on Thursday during a visit to troops stationed near the Lebanese border, telling the Iranian terrorist proxy that it “must understand—we will restore security.”

Surrounded by the snow-covered terrain of Mount Hermon, Netanyahu sat down with commanders from the 210th Division and the IDF Alpinist Unit.

They briefed him on the activities on the northern front, where Hezbollah has been conducting daily cross-border attacks since joining Hamas in the war that started on Oct. 7. Israel has been pounding Hezbollah targets from the air inside Lebanon and with artillery at the border.

“In the north, we have a simple goal: To return the residents [to their homes near the border with Lebanon]. In order to that, we must restore security—and this will be achieved. We will not relent here. We will achieve this in one of two ways: Militarily—if necessary; diplomatically—if possible,” Netanyahu said, according to a government statement.

In addition to the Alpinist Unit, troops from the 188th Brigade are currently deployed to Mount Hermon after departing Gaza one week ago.

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[Anonymous] 04:57 01.03.2024
I’m standing with you Israel! Lifting before Adonai, every day!
[Anonymous] 00:42 01.03.2024
God is always protecting Bibi, just as He’s always protecting Trump. God will move His right hand soon. His prophecies are coming true in a daily basis. He has warned of His work in 2024.
[Anonymous] 01:31 23.02.2024
Ben is Absolutely the greatest world leader of all time. Brave former Special Forces Soldier himself has our Respect and love 🇮🇱🇦🇺🇮🇱🇦🇺
dophil phil 22:20 22.02.2024
Mercy Oh God Continue to protect the PM and Courageous Israel military men and women. Give us victory oh Lord our God over our evil enemies. In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord Amen
Percy Ruch 21:25 22.02.2024
When will the left in Israel realize what a strong leader of Israel Bibi is!!!! G-D forbid the previous movement was still in power on October 7th. Bibi, the Likud party and the IDF have been amazi
[Anonymous] 21:04 22.02.2024
Bibi on the move…so glad he is our leader!!!
Raki Rene 19:57 22.02.2024
Unenviable job but for love of country & justice! 👏💪🇮🇱
Doc Dotson 19:35 22.02.2024
It’s always comforting to know that Israel’s leader is always at the forefront knowing what should be their next step (tell me if he is not already acting like a Prophet not just a politician?)
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