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ICT conference shows alarming details: Iran's technological capabilities set a new kind of terrorism

The minister of defense, Benny Gantz, discussed in an ICT conference about Iran's technological state. He showed that Iran qualifies expert in flying UAVs a weapon that he states will be used for terror attacks and intelligence. 

Gantz added, that Iran trains terror activists in various countries such as Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq. He concludes that Iran does not respect the agreements on which they signed, never did, and never will and call for sanctions and aggressive actions before the threat will grow larger. 

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Sherry Patinio 18:06 12.09.2021
God whets His sword everyday for His battle that will consume all His enemies end. He will not turn back or let these go unpunished: for His Glory is His, only. Amen.
darrel snider 18:00 12.09.2021
Time to destroy it or iran
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