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VIDEO: Ottawa, Canada rally in support of Palestinian prisoners: Bring us back to 1948!

Demonstrators chanted: "Millions of martyrs are marching to Jerusalem" at a protest organized by Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network in Ottawa, Canada, which was held on September 19 2021. A video of the protest was posted on the Chicakee DeeDee YouTube channel on September 20, 2021.

Protesters chanted in English: "Bring us back to '48!" In Arabic, they chanted: "With our souls and our blood, we will redeem the Al-Aqsa Mosque!" The protest was organized to show solidarity with Palestinian prisoners, and according to reports, posters of escaped Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) prisoners, who were at large during the time the rally took place, were raised during the demonstration.
- Millions of martyrs are marching to Jerusalem
- Bring us back to '48!
- With our souls and our blood, we will redeem the Al-Aqsa Mosque!
- We do not want to see Zionists!
- We don't want 2 states!
- There is only one solution - Intifada, revolution!

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Robert Mcmaster 14:10 13.12.2021
I think this is a great idea, only one sentence that is. Million man marching on Jerusalem, bring it back to 48 No place to put the other 999,952 that we leave in our wake, moving forward, without y
10:01 13.12.2021
Trust in His Words not allah. With their souls and blood. That’s definitely will come to pass. The curse is real no joke
09:58 13.12.2021
Don’t be fooled by words. Millions are marching into Jerusalem. This could be fulfilling the book of Ezekiel 38. 100 of thousands will parish on the day of the Lord.
C & 03:36 09.10.2021
@Danny Brackett Because Israel's leader, illegitimately in office through a rigged election like ours in USA is a turn-key, like Biden admin, to destroy their nation from inside out with Iran & CCP.
John Giles 20:46 08.10.2021
Wonder how much money is Trudeau giving to these Jew haters. Probably more then he is giving to our veterans. As far as I am concerned the Palestinians want destroy Israel that is a declaration of War
darrel snider 20:14 08.10.2021
Palestinian is a name Roman gave the people of that region so even Israel in that so those claim they are Palestinians are Arabs living off their fellow countrymen they are fake and have no claim to
Don Kirchner 20:11 08.10.2021
Eliminate palistinians period
Jeanne Ferguson 20:10 08.10.2021
Only a matter of God's time will He destroy Palestine. Pray it is sooner rather than later.
Danny Brackett 20:09 08.10.2021
Why doesn’t Israel take care of her enemies as God instructed her to do in the Old Testament 🇮🇱
Heriberto Valhuerdi 20:06 08.10.2021
Why Palestinian teach children’s to kill Jews. H
Dino trump 17:19 08.10.2021
Isarel stop wasting time wipe out all Palestinian now. Use their tunnels