Islamic Hatred Towards Jews
VIDEO: Muslim Brotherhood Turkish TV Channel: The time has come to annihilate the Jews, Purify Palestine of All Jewish Filth

Zaghloul Al-Naggar: "Today's Jews are not really Jews. This was acknowledged by the reasonable people among the Jews themselves. They have nothing to do with Judaism. These people are a polytheist nation. The label 'Jews' was imposed upon them. These Poles, Czechs, Russians, Americans, and people from other ethnicities — what right do they have to Palestine?    

"The existence of a foreign entity in this region is like a cancer that threatens the region in its entirety with destruction. Those who rushed to make peace with this entity that is plundering Palestine committed a crime against Allah, against the Islamic nation, against Islam, and against humanity in its entirety. Total annihilation is the only solution for this entity. It should be uprooted off the face of the earth. Therefore, I extol the role played by the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip. Despite their meager capabilities, they humiliated this entity that is plundering Palestine. Allah willing, the land will be purified from them soon."

Interviewer: "Allah willing."

# Antisemitism # Islamic Hatred of Jews
Frank Rooker 22:37 09.03.2022
Genesis 3:12, God told Abraham “I will bless those who bless you and I will curse them that curse you”. The are deluded to think otherwise. God bless Israel and all the Jewish nation.
Kaylan Jo 22:31 09.03.2022
He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure. Psalm 2:4-5.
Favid Taylor 22:20 09.03.2022
I stand with Israel now and forever
Kenneth Glenn 22:22 11.12.2021
And to think that Joe and the MSM and Dems are more afraid of Islamophobia than Islamofascism. God protect Israel and damn the Islamofascists world wide.
20:24 11.12.2021
So you must be waiting for Magog Russia 🇷🇺 to lead you to battle or China.
20:20 11.12.2021
So , Muslim Leaders and Jew haters when are you uniting to destroy Israel ? You wanted it so bad but you don’t have the guts to it.
20:06 11.12.2021
I find it interesting that Americans are such fools as to believe that Muslims are a peaceful people!
Pamela Hackner 20:03 11.12.2021
Islam is a fake religion
18:06 28.11.2021
darrel snider 02:33 27.11.2021
M b not muslim it a cra,y idiot thinking stupid crap
Bishop Bennie 02:14 27.11.2021
It’s obvious the brotherhood has never read the last book, Israel WINS!!!
Henry Lee 02:08 27.11.2021
He's inciting hatred and killing of God's people. Totally evil.
Karolina De 01:02 27.11.2021
darrel snider 11:08 26.11.2021
40 years after Jesus death God spread the Jewish people using Roman's to destroy the temple spread thru out the world they are jews and you better never tell Hashem they are not.
Anthony Cipriano 03:33 10.11.2021
The problem is IRAN. If you chop off the head of the serpent then the tentacles will die off. Besides Islam is not an Abrahamic religion. Ishmael is not the beginning of their beliefs.
mauy Thai 02:16 10.11.2021
Fuck Islam, and all the pedophiles that follow it!!!
Philip Abrams 22:11 20.10.2021
Yahweh bless the Jews and Jewish nation
Susan Medrano 19:05 20.10.2021
I stand & support Israel & laugh at his rhetoric. He reminds me of the Philistine Goliath, just big & loud & ugly, No deals Iran! PS 122:6
Susan Medrano 18:57 20.10.2021
Did you hear that US? Nah, they got this, so they say. Nothing & apparently not even the Jihad can scare these leaders. They are trying to take me hostage to their way of thinking but I will not bown.
Jason Davis 18:16 20.10.2021
How is it acceptable for a religion in modern times to say the religion wants peace but preaches hate and destruction? Islam should be abolished! God should be the same for all religions.
[email protected] 16:58 20.10.2021
So much for "Brotherhood" Islam with always be against their brothers. God says to pray for them.
[email protected] 16:56 20.10.2021
So much for "Brotherhood". Muslims hand will always be against their brothers. God says to pray for them.
Tony Pettitt 16:52 20.10.2021
As Christians we know the end of the story. GOD is the salvation and protector of Israel (NO WORRIES MATE)
Gary Craig 16:36 20.10.2021
And we thought the Muslim brotherhood had seen the light, and the forever accommodating Turks? , their real true selves can only be picked up on the stations that cater to their nations
Raphael Laniado 16:16 20.10.2021
May god put the cancer on all those Muslims that think that way . Amen
16:15 20.10.2021
The revelation from all mighty came down to Israel we have Torah etcetera why do violence it’s a protected group my dear sirs
16:13 20.10.2021
Israel must seemingly defend itself on a daily breaks my heart
16:12 20.10.2021
I did not accept Islam to be a Israeli hater please keep it to yourself
Jeanne Ferguson 16:12 20.10.2021
You hate us Christians too. You want to destroy us too but we stand with Isreal. God will take you down.
darrel snider 16:10 20.10.2021
This man not a real Muslim he a lying sack of shit call dumb bastard
Anna Payton 16:10 20.10.2021
For GOD so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that who so ever should believeth in him shall not perish but have ever lasting life. John 3:16. There you go communist muslims
John Tucker 16:09 20.10.2021
If anything needs to be annihilated, it should be the Quran, or better yet, Islam. It is horrible, and sick. Muhammad was a pedophile.
Darlene Hoskins 16:08 20.10.2021
I'm sorry the Jewish people can't live like others stay strong
Don Kirchner 16:07 20.10.2021
Vengeance is mine faith the Lord I will bless those who bless these and curse those that curse the amen
Derek Robertson 16:05 20.10.2021
Let’s never stop supporting the good and decent people of Israel. You’re our first and last line of defence against Islamic madness so-please keep up the good fight and god bless you all. 🇬🇧✊🏽🇮🇱
John Tucker 15:38 20.10.2021
Why do you hate the Jewish people so much, you Islam Muslims are INSANE, all you think about is shedding blood.
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