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The international coalition attacked Iranian militia sites in Syria from the air

US-led international coalition fighter jets have launched airstrikes on Iranian militia sites in the Deir a-Zour province, eastern Syria.

The Syrian media agency Zeitun reported that a coalition fighter jet attacked 3 targets of the Iranian militias in the city of al-Myadin, east of Deir a-Zour.

The reporter added that loud explosions were heard in the city of al-Miyadin Waldeblan - الذبلان, located in the eastern rural area of ​​Deir a-Zor district, and that during the attack there were loud plane engine noises.

He noted that the Iranian militias had declared, following the attack, a state of emergency among the various army units and headquarters in the rural area of ​​Deir a-Zour.

In the beginning of this year, the United States bombed essential sites and command centres for militias in Deir a-Zor, chief among them Ayash Warehouses, targets in the eastern neighborhoods of Deir a-Zor and in Jabal Tarda, located near Deir A-Zabai Airport Zor, as well as sites of the Fatimion, Vazainbion and Lebanese Hezbollah militias in the city of al-Bukmal and its suburbs. The attacks, according to later data, killed more than 40 Iranian militia fighters.

It should be noted that last June, American fighter jets launched airstrikes on Iranian militia sites in the eastern Syrian province of Deir a-Zor, leading to the destruction of weapons and ammunition depots as well as the killing and wounding of several of its fighters.

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