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UK: “Monsters in our midst”

Hundreds of illegal migrants, mostly Muslim, sneak into Britain on small boats via the English Channel are “serious criminals — including murderers, terrorists, and rapists,” but that doesn’t faze the British government, which has refused to stop the migrant influx and was even was caught facilitating the illegal migrants.

Unvetted, illegal migration is very different from responsible immigration policy, despite the globalist gaslighting that tries to make citizens equate the two. The open-door insanity of the globalists will increasingly erode the cohesion of Western societies and tally up more innocent victims, not to mention the loss of freedom. How many people feel safe walking after dark in high crime areas? Crime and poverty are growing in the UK, due largely to bad migration policies. Ditto for the US and other irresponsible open-door societies.

Drug dealers, gangsters, fraudsters and child sex offenders are also among the tens of thousands who have crossed the Channel — many living in taxpayer-funded homes and receiving cash hand-outs while working illegally.

The vast majority of the people who arrive by boat do not have criminal records.
But in one astonishing case an Albanian who murdered his wife cannot be sent home on human rights grounds amid fears his victim’s family will hunt him down and kill him.

The thug now runs a cash-in-hand car wash next to a Waitrose supermarket in Northamptonshire while claiming benefits and fighting for asylum through the courts with taxpayer-funded legal aid.
We were handed an astonishing dossier of evidence by a source at a secretive government security agency that oversees threats to national security.

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pflip521 01:34 25.01.2023
England brought this chaos on themselves, Open Borders.
Michael Nicholls 18:01 24.01.2023
I was brought up in old school England and have seen the decay creep in over the years to now having a government that follows klaus swab and the English people keep replacing the snaje with mongoose