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VIDEO: Today is the 45th anniversary of the Islamists toppling the monarchy in Iran

Here’s your reminder that the communists played a key role in the revolution, thinking they would be able to control the Islamists.

The Islamists then quickly subdued them.

The initial rebellion which forced the Shah into exile was done by Iranian communists. The Khomeini arrived from France and his fanatic Shiites overpowered them.

Source: Visegrád 24 - X

Does the article interest you?
[Anonymous] 11:27 16.02.2024
Look for the “Scarlett thread”to help you find the infiltrators in the Israeli govt and military. They knew 10/7 was coming.
[Anonymous] 17:00 12.02.2024
I’m saying that Turkey is the dangerous place as far as I can see. Iran is nuclear but Turkey is in what I consider the spiritual realm of evil
R C 12:26 12.02.2024
Well, they asked for it and they got it, as the video shows very clearly. A bit too late now to complain.
Soniya Christova 05:10 12.02.2024
Islamists terror regimes as of Iran, Syria, Turkey, Egypt Iraq Pakistan Palestinian terror groups unit do crimes only out of their false death cult jihadists satanic terror ideology cr
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