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WATCH: Are Old People Irrelevant? | Commandment #5: Honor Your Father and Mother

Getting old can be terrifying, especially in a society obsessed with youth.

In this episode, I consider the reasons for why the fifth commandment, “Kibud av v’em”, “honor your father and mother” instructs us to honor generations before us when, at first glance, they appear to have less and less to offer as they age.

According to the Mishneh Torah, this commandment requires one to honour both of one's parents equally; there is no greater weight given to either the father or the mother. While in some parts of scripture, the father is stated first, in others, the mother comes first. This shows that the honour due to each is equal. 

00:00 Intro
00:38 Why getting old seems scary
01:22 The 5th Commandment, Honoring your parents
02:20 The time-relevance continuum
03:46 The value that comes with age
05:54 Standing on the shoulders of those who came before us
07:14 Valuing "the whole of life"
08:10 Outro

Source - Big Jewish Ideas/Youtube

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Happy in 15:38 05.09.2023
All people are relevant in God’s eyes. The Lord loves us all no matter what age we are. We should follow His lead and do the same.