The Iranian Threat
Iran is trying new tactics to defend itself against Israeli attacks in Syria

Iranian-backed militias, led by the Revolutionary Guards, held a meeting in the middle of the month with senior Syrian army commanders and senior commanders from the Russian task force in Syria, inside the T-4 airport, in eastern Homs province.

The meeting took place against the background of Iran's demand to share Russian fighter jets on the runways of T4 Airport in order to avoid the Israeli attacks to which it is exposed.

The meeting between the two sides lasted about two hours, during which Iranian officers demanded from Russia to stand by them against the repeated attacks of the Israeli Air Force, in exchange for the Iranian militias continuing to defend the two countries 'common interests in Homs' rural area, as well as protecting Russian interests in the gas fields.

Russia has refused to operate its aircraft at sites under Iran's full control, but has agreed to carry out specific airstrikes against ISIS sites in the eastern Homs province and the Syrian desert region.

The Syrian Air Force conducted initial training courses for its pilots at T-4 airport, following Russia's rejection of Iran's requirements, and began conducting training flights using "MIG29" aircraft aimed at confronting air targets while armed with R-73 air-to-air missiles.

In doing so, Assad complied with the request to stand by the Iranian forces controlling its full control of T4 Airport.

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David Beirne 05:10 21.11.2021
Don’t give them ideas Robert lol they are dumb let them stay that way
Robert Mcmaster 03:46 21.11.2021
Why don't they just put a hospital in area, and put up some playground equiptment Israel wouldn't think of bombing where there are innocent bystanders or children. That is a fact, the guilty do this.
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