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# Benny Gantz
Israeli Elections 2022
ISRAEL ELECTIONS: Arab party, "Balad" banned from running
Israeli-Arab Military Cooperation
Gantz, Abbas discuss Judea & Samaria security
Pay for Slay
Israel launches operation to confiscate terror-linked funds
The Iranian Threat
Gantz: Iran building 'terror industries' across the Middle East
Israeli Elections 2022
Gantz: I won't go with Netanyahu
Lapid Caretaker Government
Gantz gives in to another Biden demand
Israeli Elections
'Newcommer" to politics, Gadi Eisenkot turns out to be anti-Settlement
Cloak and Dagger
Cleaner at Gantz's house convicted for trying to spy for Iran
Israeli Elections 2022
Poll Channel 13: Who did a better job fighting the Iran Deal?
Lapid Caretaker Government
'Nuke deal isn't a peace treaty,' Gantz tells Washington
US - Israeli Cooperation
Gantz received "good hints" that US is preparing a military option against Iran
Israeli Elections
Benny Gantz: Kisses up to Arab voters
Lapid Caretaker Government
Defense Minister Gantz to visit US, Japan on Thursday
Iran Proxy: Hezbollah
Gantz admits: The tensions with Hezbollah could develop into a campaign
Lapid Caretaker Government
Gantz: Parts of Jerusalem can be a Palestinian capital
Israel - Egypt
Gantz: There was a "hiccup" with Egypt
Israeli Elections 2022
Gantz in 2020 agreed to Palestinian capital in Jerusalem
Gaza Strip News
Gantz to increase number of work permits to Gaza
Israeli Elections 2022
Netanyahu: You refuse to sit with me, but sit with Holocaust denier?
Israeli Elections 2022
After the polls tonight: The Likud responds