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# Donald Trump
Donald Trump
REMINDER: When Trump said the Hunter Biden laptop was real - WATCH!
Donald Trump
Of Course, Trump was right!
Donald Trump
ENJOY this special VIDEO! When Trump get's the OK to return to Twitter - DON'T MISS IT!
US - Israeli Cooperation
Trump vs. Biden: "Stuck a knife in Israel's back and betrayed it"
Corrupt Democrats
SCANDAL - WAPO admits that Mar-a-Lago raid was a "trumped-up" affair
Donald Trump
Donald Trump announces 2024 re-election run for president
Donald Trump
Trump tells pro-Israel gala: "I'm with you all the way!"
2024 US Elections
Poll: Trump 2024 support remains consistent, DeSantis on the rise
Donald Trump
Trump urged to delay 2024 launch after GOP’s uneven election
Joe Biden
WATCH!! Biden - "We can only reelect Donald Trump!"
US Midterm Elections 2022
Donald Trump predicts Republicans will have ‘epic victory’ in Midterm elections
Donald Trump
Trump to make 'big announcement' on Nov. 15
Lies and Conspiracy myths
MUST-SEE VIDEO compilation of "Anti-Bibis" promising Netanyahu will never win elections
Donald Trump
Major Jewish organization to honor Trump as most pro-Israel POTUS in history
Abraham Accords
From Oslo to Abraham
Biden Administration Foreign Policy
WSJ: Salman told his associates: I much prefer Trump!
Donald Trump
WATCH: TRUMP at Save America rally: "The Texas way of life is under siege... I don't think so"
Donald Trump
Trump: It would be disloyal if Pence runs
Biden Administration
WATCH: When Trump wanted to make the USA energy independent
Donald Trump
Trump: 'Jews have to get their act together' in supporting Israel