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# European Union
European Union
Cohen blasts EU foreign-policy chief for comparing Palestinian terror with IDF ops
Israel - France
WHY does Paris oppose Germany's plan to build a missile defense system with American and Israeli equipment?
European Union
Video Report: Jerusalem Embassy Move Coming?
The Oppressive Iranian Regime
European countries boycott Islamic Revolution Day
European Parliament unveils its first Holocaust memorial
IRGC Terrorists
The implications of EU’s terrorist designation of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC)
Israel News
Herzog to address EU Parliament on International Holocaust Remembrance Day
The Iranian Threat
Iran warns EU not to list Revolutionary Guards as terrorist entity
The Iranian Threat
WATCH Swedish MEP: "We want to consign Iran's regime to the dustbin of history"
European Union
European Parliament calls on EU to place Iran's Revolutionary Guards on terror list
Middle East analysis
A big blow to Iran
The Iranian Threat
In fear of IRGC terrorist listing, regime officials threaten Europe
IRGC Terrorists
EU President Von der Leyen backs listing Iran's IRGC as terrorist group
European Union
EU to fine companies for breaking sanctions against Russia
The Iranian People's Uprising
BREAKING: VIDEO: EU parliamentarians break off all contacts with Iranian authorities
Iran Sanctions
EU sanctions to target Iran Guards ‘inner circle’
European Union
EU considering listing Iran’s Revolutionary Guards as terror group
Palestinian Lies and Deception
Why is the European Union funding Palestinian propaganda tours to the PA?
Palestinian Lies and Deception
Palestinian officials brazenly lie to the European Union!
Conservative Issues
Not just Italy: European conservatism rising