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# Jordan
Syria-Hezbollah-Iran Drug Trade
WATCH: Jordanian jets hit "drug target" in Southern Syria, killing 6 children
Iran Proxy: Hezbollah
BREAKING: Jordan bombs Hezbollah position in Syria
Israel - Jordan
Repercussions Of Saudi-Iranian Deal: Jordan Is Close To Normalizing Relations With Iran
Why is Hamas Pressing Jordan to Keep Temple Mount Open All Night During Ramadan?
Middle East Drug Trade
Jordan is asking for US help to fight the flow of drugs from Syria
News from Saudi Arabia
Saudi-Jordanian relations are heading towards a dead end [NEWSRAEL COMMENTS]
War on Terror
Why doesn’t the U.S. cut aid to Jordan?
Israel - Jordan
Biden meets with Abdullah, affirms ‘unwavering US support for Jordan’ as guardian of holy sites
Biden Administration Foreign Policy
A significant reinforcement for the Jordanian Air Force
WATCH: We’ll become suicide bombers, says Jordanian lawmaker
Middle East News
BREAKING - VIDEOS: Jordan is burning!
Smuggling Activity
An attempt to smuggle NIS 4 million of gold at the Jordanian border was thwarted
Israel - Jordan
JORDAN: 66 Jordainian MPs demand to expel the Israeli ambassador
Road Accident
VIDEO: The operation to rescue an Israeli wounded in Jordan
Middle East News
VIDEO: Jordan prevents unpreserved food from arriving from Syria from fear of Cholera
International News
Jordanian building collapse death toll raised to 14
The Iranian Threat
Iran is targeting Jordan
The Palestinian Authority
The Palestinian Authority apologizes to Jordan
Iran Proxy: Hamas
Is Jordan planning to restore ties with Hamas?
Middle East Drug Trade
Jordanian army thwarts attempt to smuggle huge shipment of drugs from Syria