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Arab Violence
Clashes between Judea & Samaria residents and Palestinians

Tonight Palestinians threw Molotov Cocktails at an Israeli car ear Ali Ein in and the car burned. Israeli residents with balaclavas responded by going down to the Palestinian village, Kutzra, and threw rocks at houses and vehicles.

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Israel Advocacy
The BEST Answer to People Telling Jews They Can't Live in Judea & Samaria

Lauren Isaacs, Coordinator for World Herut in Israel and the National Director of Herut Canada, explains how to answer people who argue that Jews have no right to live in Judea and Samaria.


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Middle East News
A leap in Palestinian support for Hamas

A leap in Palestinian support for Hamas. 77% believe: The organization won Operation "Guardian of the Walls"

Dramatic increase in Judea and Samaria and Gaza in support of Hamas after military operation: 53% believe that the terrorist organization should lead the Palestinians, only 14% prefer Abu Mazen. Palestinian pollster: "In the eyes of the public, Hamas is clearly the winner."

Militarily, Hamas was clearly beaten, but so far, has been able to convince Palestinians the opposite.

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Terror Attack
BREAKING: Car Ramming, stabbing attempt twarted

First report was received of an attempted stabbing and stabbing attack near the village of Hizma in the area of the "Benjamin" Regional Brigade.
Terrorist neutralized. More details to come.


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Israeli Security Forces Neutralize Terrorist

An Israeli security guard shot and killed a 28-year-old Palestinian who carried a knife at the Qalandiya checkpoint in Samaria.

According to reports, the female terrorist ran toward Border Police officers and security guards at the scene with the knife in her hand.

A security guard spotted her and ordered her to stop several times before he opened fire. The suspect reportedly ran toward the force while shouting chants.

A medical team that was urged to the scene pronounced her death.

Video: H. Breaking News

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Israeli Life
Fires Near Jerusalem Ruin Lifelong Project of Ben Zaken Family

The great fire that spread earlier this week in the region of Kibbutz Ma’ale HaHamisha, situated in the Judean hills just off Jerusalem, consumed 655 acres of forest.

Luckily, there were no casualties, but many acres of wine groves were completely destroyed.

The Ben Zaken family which owns the Kastel winery told Walla News that the fire caused them a significant financial blow. With the Shmita year starting in the fall (the seventh year in a 7-year cycle during which land in Israel must lie fallow), Eli Ben Zaken says that he may not be able to overcome this obstacle.

Six years may pass before new grapes will be ripe for picking, he explained.

Israel Fire and Rescue Services said that many of the fires that hit the Jewish state over the past several weeks were man-related, as in the past years Palestinians have set fields on fire in the warm season as a new method of terrorism.

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Breaking news
Terrorist Shot at Samaria Checkpoint

A female suspect arrived at Qalandiya checkpoint in Samaria with a knife. A security guard who was at the scene identified her and opened fire. More details to follow.

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Palestinian Terror
Violent riots near Eviatar outpost in Samaria: A Palestinian was killed by IDF fire

Hundreds of Arabs took part in the protest in which Muhammad Hamail from the village of Beta near Nablus, was reportedly killed. They threw stones at the soldiers, fired fireworks and set fire to tires, and the IDF force returned fire. Three of the demonstrators were injured in the riots.

The protest ignited following the construction of the buildings on a hill in Samaria a few weeks ago. 


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Breaking news
Attempted terror attack in Samaria

A school bus carrying Jewish children was stoned by Arab terrorists and blocked by tires set on fire by rioters.
The security coordinators from the nearby localities were the first to arrive at the scene of the incident and drove the rioters away until a military force operating in the scene arrived.


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Israel Defence
Giving Away Land is a Way to Lose Respect in the Middle East
Hebron's amazing international spokesperson Yishai Fleisher explains why giving up land is a way to lose respect in the Middle East.
The full debate with Hen Mazzig over Jewish communities in Judea & Samaria, hosted by Israel Advocacy Movement, can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/mvWUiq9ll6w
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Judea & Samaria
Opinion: On Sovereignty and Law Enforcement

In recent weeks, a battle is raging between those who support applying sovereignty over Judea and Samaria and those who oppose it.

Some believe that applying sovereignty will lead to an Arab insurgency, to international pressure and boycotts on Israel, and there are those who claim that annexing territory over 30 percent over Judea and Samaria is not enough.

If we request to inquire into the occurrences in Judea and Samaria nowadays, we will find that Israeli sovereignty is a term void of content. In reality, there is complete chaos, anarchy and loss of deterrence on a wide range of levels -- from the firing of firecrackers and live bullets, to pirate crematoriums, to border encroachment, and vandalism and robbery against ancient Jewish artifacts and archaeological remains.

The more Israel dismisses these illegal activities and anarchy, it will pay the heavier price in the future. The evidence: the rising cost of Israel’s mishandling of the disruption of the law in the Negev and the severe violence within the Israeli Arab sectore.

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Judea & Samaria
Anxiety about the Bennett government

Fifty-four years ago, when longing for nationalist dreams to redeem Zion, IDF forces achieved the miraculous victory in the Six-Day War.

In the days after the victory, the great controversy arose in Israeli society, which has since split between Jews who hold a Jewish dream of complete redemption, and Jews who have given up a dream of redemption and converted it into a European-American dream into a small and reformed civil state.

The issue of the future of the lands in Judea and Samaria and the Jordan Valley is a struggle that will not wait for the Jews until they decide what they want in their homeland. In principle, focusing on present affairs, while abandoning Israel’s long-term vision, is turning our backs on the core of the Zionist idea.

Last week, at a meeting of the Megilot Regional Council, Defense Minister Bnei Gantz made it clear to the leaders in Judea & Samaria that they would not receive permits for new construction. He stressed that the issue has his exclusive authority as Defense Minister. Prime Minister Bennett will soon discover how helpless he is in the face of his ministers' personal agenda. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett will find himself sitting on the prime minister's chair, lacking any leadership ability, like a captain on a command bridge holding a detached steering wheel.

Against this background, the reluctance to form the Bennett Lapid government begins with the eternal Jewish question: What do the Jews want from their only state?

Gershon HaCohen

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Judea & Samaria
The new Israeli government and the dangers for the settlement movement

At the end of the week, the head of the Binyamin Council addressed a letter to the residents detailing the dangers for the settlement movement following the impending government:

"DM Gantz has told us that he will do everything so that this does not come to fruition. There are Knesset members who have this fate on their shoulders and we must influence them. I will move my office for a week to the homes of Knesset members who have to make tough decisions and promise to stand by the side of the settlement movement."
He also called on residents to join."

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Middle East Analysis Daily Show
The Truth About the โ€œWest Bankโ€

In this episode of the Middle East Analysis Daily Show, former Israeli Ambassador to the US Danny Ayalon breaks down the history of Judea and Samaria, how it came under Israeli control and the prevalent misconceptions or outright lies about this important territory in Jewish history.

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IDF Arrests Palestinian Suspected in Terrorism

IDF fighters apprehended a Palestinian on suspicion of attacking Jewish settlers and lighting a vehicle of an Israeli on fire who entered the town of Ein Yabrud in Judea in April, the IDF spokesperson said Sunday in a statement.

The suspect was arrested in collaborated work between the IDF’s intelligence branch and the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency).

Soldiers of the Netzah Yehuda (Eternal Judea) Battalion arrested the Palestinian and the IDF’s prosecution submitted an indictment against him.

Photo: Walla! News

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Middle East analysis
Iran Works to Ignite an Intifada in Judea, Samaria, and Israel

by: Yoni Ben-Menachem

The PA fears that Iran is encouraging Hamas and the Islamic Jihad to reject a ceasefire and ignite an intifada in the West Bank.

The Iranians hope that an intifada will lead to the collapse of the PA Chairman’s rule and give Hamas a foothold to take over the West Bank.

Senior PA sources express concern that Iran is working with Hamas to ignite a large intifada in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, which will also spread to the Arab sector in Israel, destabilizing the PA Chairman’s rule and bringing it down.

According to them, Iran is exerting pressure on the Hamas and Islamic Jihad organizations to continue its rocket attacks on Israel while assuring that it will help with money and weapons to torpedo any agreement on a ceasefire.

The flareup in the security situation of the territories and Israel during the month of Ramadan encouraged Iran to believe the ground was ripe for an intifada against Israel. According to Hamas sources, Iran was party to the secret about Hamas’ premeditated plan to attack Jerusalem with rockets on “Jerusalem Day.”

In recent days, senior Iranian officials have held telephone conversations with Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders, Ismail Haniyeh and Ziyad Nakhalah, expressing strong support for the rocket attack on Israel, encouraging them to continue firing rockets at Israel.

Among those who spoke with the leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad were General Esmail Ghanni, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force (Qassem Soleimani’s successor) and Ali Akbar Velayati, an aide to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

On May 17, 2021, Ali Akbar Velayati told Hamas leader Haniyeh in a phone call: “You have proved that Israel is weaker than a spider’s web; Iran stands with the resistance and with the Palestinian people.” General Esmail Ghanni said on May 17: “The Palestinians need to prepare for the management of their country after the destruction of Israel. Iran will do everything possible to help liberate all Palestinian land.”

Ismail Haniyeh responded to Ghanni that “the campaign for Jerusalem is the campaign for all Muslims,” also alluding to Shi’ite Muslims, not just Sunni Muslims.

Iran’s Interests

Iran recognizes the weakness of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas following the cancellation of the Palestinian elections and the split in the Fatah movement, as well as the instability of Israel’s political system, which is struggling to form a stable government and may go to its fifth election in two years.

Iran’s interests in bringing about a security crisis and an intifada include:

Overthrow the PA chairman’s rule and prepare the ground for Hamas’ takeover of the West Bank.
Create security chaos in Israel by pushing Israeli Arabs to launch a violent rebellion against state authorities.
Retaliation against Israel for its ongoing bombing of Iranian targets in Syrian territory and the Israeli Mossad’s covert actions against the Iranian nuclear project.
The collapse of the normalization agreements between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco. In the Iranians’ assessment, the conflagration between Israel and the Palestinians will help thwart any military alliance between Israel and the Gulf States against Iran.
In recent years, Iran has supported Hamas and Islamic Jihad with funds and weapons beyond the funds that came from Qatar to help Hamas’ military buildup. Also, Hamas’ annual budgets came from Iran.

Even during the crisis between Khaled Mashaal, former chairman of Hamas’ political bureau, and the Iranian leadership and Syria in 2012, Iran continued to transfer funds and weapons to Hamas’ military-terrorist wing. In addition, it provided Hamas with technological knowledge regarding rockets and unmanned aircraft and trained Hamas’ elite “Nokhba” and naval commando fighters within the ranks of the Revolutionary Guards Corps.

According to Israeli security sources, Iran recently transferred technological know-how to Hamas’ military-terrorist wing in order to improve the guidance of their rockets.

Picture: IRGC-Quds Force Commander Gen. Esmail Ghanni and Islamic Jihad head Ziyad Nakhalah.


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Arab Violence
Police have arrested 70 suspects in the past day for involvement in violent incidents

Police said they had arrested 70 suspects in the past day as part of "Operation Law & Order", in which police are working "against the criminal rioters and anyone involved in the violent incidents in the past two weeks."

The people who arrested the suspects are involved in riots, possession of weapons and police attacks. Meanwhile, since the beginning of the operation, the police have arrested more than 2,000 suspects and about 175 indictments have been filed.

Photo: Police Spokeswoman 

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Palestinian Terror
Member of Palestinian security forces makes video threatening Israelis

Member of Palestinian security forces: Israeli settlers are banned from using West Bank roads or they will face bullets; We will trample the heads of the settlers

"Oh members of the fighting factions, whoever among you has a weapon or a knife – the time has come for us to say to the enemy: 'We are not the guards of your settlements nor are we servants for your soldiers. The time has come to pay the price and you will pay a very steep price, starting tonight. Therefore, the settlers are prohibited from moving on the roads of the West Bank. Whoever violates this will be met by bullets. The time has come to face bullets with bullets, and death with death. We will show you tremendous things in the coming hours. We are heroes and you are cowards and thieves."

The usual bragging, threats and self-aggrandizing - and the usual results - nothing

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Judea & Samaria
Firefighters from the Binyamin Regional Station worked to put out a fire, while under fire.

Firefighters from the Binyamin Regional Station worked to extinguish a fire.

Firefighters and volunteers from the Binyamin Regional Station have been operating in the past two hours in two major fires due to riots. Near the settlement of Beit El, firefighters and firefighters stopped a fire within ten meters from the settlement's houses!

The fire broke out during the violent riots in the area, and had it not been for the actions of the volunteers and firefighters, the fire would have blazed uncontrolled through the local homes.

While the fires were being battled rioters took potshots at the emergency workers. You can hear gunfire in the background of the attached video.

Rabbi Reshef Assaf Evers, Deputy Commander of the Binyamin Regional Station, stated that: "In the midst of the fire, the locals started firing live ammunition at us. We were in utter shock.


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Operation "Guardian of the Walls"
Is this the beginning of all-out confrontation in Judea and Samaria?

Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades marched from the Jenin refugee camp armed with automatic rifles and officially announce that armed confrontation with "the enemy" (Israel) will begin immediately throughout Judea and Samaria

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