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NEWSRAEL: Hamas ignores Jordan King's warnings and may threaten the Kingdom

In the last days, NEWSRAEL has reported that Hamas is inciting large demonstrations in Jordan and coming close to destabilization of the Kingdom.

On addition, there are reports that they are trying to do the same in Egypt.

All this has fingerprints in Tehran. 

The Iranians are stirring things up in the two nations which not only have peace agreements with Israel, but borders with it also.

This Iranian action knows that the two Arab countries will try anything not have to use violence against the protesters and be seen as "collaborators" with Israel.

Very subtly, by using Arab media, the King has been warning Hamas to desist - or else. One even mentioned that Hamas should remember "Black September" when the King's father went to war against the PLO in the 1970's and threw him out of the Kingdom - to go to Beirut.

Even so - thousands came out last night to demonstrate in Amman near the Israeli embassy with a new slogan to chant:

"Listen to me, my Egyptian brother... for the sake of honor and for the sake of religion, go to the streets and shout, "Long live Palestine!"


Anger in Jordan over Hamas incitement

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Lee Field 05:42 05.04.2024
Socks down to take a shit
Lee Field 05:41 05.04.2024
Jordan kicked black September ass so bad they ran and sought refuge at the Israeli border the King annihilated them to the degree hit them so hard they had to pull their socks down to do
[Anonymous] 18:02 03.04.2024
God works in mysterious ways!
[Anonymous] 03:13 03.04.2024
Both Egypt and Jordan (ancient Edom) are struggling. All this is in line with the prophecy of Ezekiel.
Gerald Adams 00:33 03.04.2024
Uncalled for
Steve Jensen 00:25 03.04.2024
Don’t these countries have a standing army to remove Hamas from their borders. They are next to useless!
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