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# Barack Obama
Biden Administration Foreign Policy
The State Department's systematic failure in the Middle East
Netanyahu - Biden
Israel's GOP chairman: Obama is the real boss in the White House
US Midterm Elections 2022
WATCH: Biden and Obama in silly video to get people to vote
Biden Administration Foreign Policy
Biden Admin probed over ‘illegal efforts to undermine Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem’
Radical Democrats
The True Obama-Biden Legacy: a Weak Democrat Party
US Midterm Elections 2022
'This will be close': Race forecaster reveals more bad news for Democrats
Political Analysis
Obama Warns ‘Demonizing’ Opponents Leads to Violence as Biden Calls Republicans Threat to Democracy
Biden Administration Foreign Policy
Biden Admin Probed Over ‘Illegal Efforts to Undermine Israeli Sovereignty Over Jerusalem’
US Midterm Elections 2022
Barack Obama rips Herschel Walker as ignorant ‘celebrity’ who wants to be Senator
Benjamin Netanyahu
Did Obama make obscene threatening gesture to Netanyahu in their first meeting?
Antisemitism on the Left
Netanyahu: Obama had ‘not just bad policy, but malice’ towards Israel
The Iranian People's Uprising
OBAMA lies when he tries to say why, as president, he didn't support Iranian protesters
Radical Democrats
Barack Obama: Sometimes you just have to beat racist, angry, and sexist Republicans
The Biden Iran Deal
Biden outdoes Obama: Releases 7 Billion dollars to Iran in exchange for prisoner exchange
Racism Hoax
Obama claims racism to suppress American opposition to Biden’s deadly migration
Israeli Elections 2022
Unlike others, Netanyahu is not limited by Israeli "political myths"
Joe Biden
'Shoot. me. now!' Obama's incredible outburst at Joe Biden
Joe Biden
'Shoot me now!' Obama's incredible outburst aimed at Joe Biden
The Iranian Threat
Baghdad: Obama's pal, former pro-Iran PM Maliki has left Iraq
The Leftist-Islamist Alliance
WATCH: Saudi writer "Iran has friends from the Obama and Biden administrations"