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# The Negev
The Land of Israel
WATCH: Timeless Beauty in Israel’s Negev Desert!
Israeli Science & Innovation
VIDEO: Eshalim solar power station
The Beauty of Israel
Israel's Desert Sites: Ein Avdat
The Negev
Construction begins on massive IDF base in Israel’s Negev
Israeli History
1963: The US floated plan for alternative Suez Canal through Israel
The Negev
Important development for a Jewish Negev
Israeli Science & Innovation
New start-ups in the Negev and Galilee
Israeli Arabs
"The Negev has become the land of jihad"
IDF will leave more areas in central Israel for the Negev
Israeli Wildlife
VIDEO: Israeli farmer discovers a den of wolves!
The Negev
Large demonstration against BG University flag decision
The Negev
REPORT: 62% of the benefits in the Bedouin company are paid illegally
Palestinian Terror
A new type of Arab terrorism? 
Israeli Agriculture
Bereaved man makes cherries grow in desert to honor nephew
Arab Crime Wave in Israel
NEGEV: Arab Crime Wave: Fire at Arab business [VIDEO]
Bennet-Lapid Government
Minister Shaked was surprised by Ra'am's announcement
Israel's North & South
Gantz warns: "Jewish state - between Gedera and Hadera"
Israeli Arabs
Bedouin clans shooting at each other in Negev town of Arara
The Negev
GRAPHIC VIDEO: This week's murder campaign in Be'er Sheva - A "rude awakening" - NEWSRAEL President Brig. General (res) Gal Hirsch
The Beautiful Israel Video Show
The Beautiful Israel Video Show - En Avdat National Park