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# Palestinian Authority
The Palestinian Authority
Col. (res.) David Hacham: "The Sharm el-Sheikh agreements reached will not be worth the paper they were written on"
The Palestinian Authority
Palestinian Authority: Teachers are striking because government is paying jihad terrorists, not them
The Palestinian Authority
BREAKING - VIDEO: Arabs in both Jenin and Ramallah are shooting at PA Headquarters
Pay for Slay
Should the PA pay monthly salaries to teachers or terrorists?
Palestinian Child Grooming for Terror
Murderer of 7 praised as “hero” in US-funded Palestinian girls’ school
PLO - Hamas
VIDEO: PA security disrupts terrorist's funeral in Tulkarem - WATCH!
Terror Mafias
US aid to the Palestinians increases violence and terror, not peace
PLO - Hamas
ARAB PRESS: VIDEO - Palestinian police fire tear gas at Hamas militant funeral
The Leftist-Islamist Alliance
VIDEO: How some in the West are hurting chances for peace
Palestinian Corruption
Where does EU taxpayer money in aid to the "State of Palestine" go?
Biden vs. Netanyahu
The Biden administration goes cherry-picking in Israel
Terror Mafias
Nablus mayor in NYT: The "Lion's Den" must stop! Draws angry criticism from Arabs
Biden Administration Foreign Policy
New and dangerous terror groups launched under Abbas’ watch, but where is the US?
Judea & Samaria
Israel denies agreeing to freeze Judea and Samaria construction
Israeli Diplomacy
Hamas' checkmate - a special analysis
Israel - Jordan
Israeli, Palestinian officials to meet in Jordan in bid to reduce tensions
Palestinian Lies and Deception
PA journalists are political pawns: National duty supersedes professional duty
Terror Mafias
WATCH: The Palestinian factions threaten the Palestinian Authority
Israeli Diplomacy
US, Israel, and the Palestinian Authority to meet tomorrow in Jordan
Palestinian Lies and Deception
SHOCKING VIDEO!!! Palestinian researcher: The Nazis trained Jews “to carry out despicable acts of murder here without feeling anything”